Church Dances. Holy frick, I love to dance. So yesterday, me and some amigos went to a dance, and it reminded me of how much easier it is to be myself! I got on the dance floor and started dancing- Looked like a retard, felt like the coolest person alive.

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does
everybody a great deal of good."  ~Edwin Denby

I wish I had brought my camera, cuz there were some CUH-RAZY people there. Oh and by the way, slow dances with hott people complete me. Especially when they smell good... and aren't awkward... and have a great smile... *anyways* me and my amigos came up with a perfectly accurate mormony system of how to slow dance with people. You know, dance with enough space to put a Book of Mormon between, but here's what we want to individually judge by. It's sad but true:
  • QUAD:     DANG that kid needs a deodorant and a life outside of World of Warcraft. Give me a foot of space. Bless his heart, but please???
  • BIBLE:     Cute smile, but honey, when was the last time you made eye-contact with a girl?
  • BOOK OF MORMON:     Hey, you might be kinda fun to date. *no way* I love that band too!!!!!! wait, 1.0 GPA?... um.... (awkward silence)
  • D&C:     Yes, you are extremely attractive; Yes, I love the way you smell; Yes, I'm free next Friday. But um, how many girlfriends do you have again??? That's what I though...
  • PEARL OF GREAT PRICE:     Where on this earth have you BEEN all my life!!! MARRY MEEEEE!!! *please be single* Can you get married in the temple at 14 years old????? Let's go, I'm ready!!!
Now, I know that's extremely harsh, but come on?! Don't pretend like this hasn't happened to you! But, when it comes to Mormon boys, I'm pretty easy on my choosin' ((:

Okay, wish I could write more, but I have a party to go to! (7am baby!!!)


Quincy said...

I love blogs.
I love that you follow mine.
I love that I follow yours. Ha!

AND I love this post! That dance was KICKING! For sure!! Nice way of judging the dance system :)


Jessica Oliver said...

Haha thats right! but you put it in alot more detail then we did haha :) i love your blog sam!