Shake yo boo-tay

Once upon a time ago, I took dance lessons. From the time I was 4 until I was 11 in fact. I was pretty good. I was usually on the team that was a little more advanced for my age. It made me feel special :) But then, I had to quit.

Nowadays, I realize how much I really do love to dance. I go to ZUMBA with my mom, and even though I have -381001.23001 ounces of Latina in me, I have so much fun.

The other day I went to my high school's dance company's concert. The performing arts department at my school is amazing. The dance team did great, as did the middle school's team. It was just awesome. They have really good taste in music too :>

My jazz band was given the opportunity to play at my ballroom team's end of year dance. Kinda like a ballroom Prom. To me, it was just amazing to watch not only what live music does to people, but the amount of improvisation and skill that people can learn. Through music and movement. The girls looked so beautiful sweeping all over the floor in these amazing formal dresses.

And then, how could I EVER forget church dances. I'm such a psychotic freak at those things, but I don't even care because I have SO much fun being with friends and thrashing my body around in the craziest imaginable positions. There's always the awkward slow dances, but that's what good friends are for :)

Prom. Is next week. The dance of all dances. I will post pictures ASAP :)



No Facebook.

For two weeks. 
I'm the only person that believes I can do it.
Thanks "friends".

(I'll show you!)



My Bishop

Everyone thinks that their bishop is the bomb diggity, but you really don't know anything until you meet mine.

He FREQUENTLY makes references to the movie "Kung Fu Panda", often during his talks. When he asked me what he could do to be a better bishop, I told him he could give me more chocolate. So he pulled a tube of mini chocolate M&Ms out of his desk and handed it to me. My bishop is such a kid. I love him. He's always joking around and hanging out with the youth in our ward. He's awesome.
But in all seriousness, he's wonderful. I know that he's a true man of God, it shows through everything he does and says. He's always there for me and for anyone else. And his family is the BOMB. I love his kids and his wife. They are the most amazing people I know.

So, yeah. He's seriously the coolest thing since sliced bread.



Oh, Janis.

I said yes!

Well apparently I'm in high school, and I guess they have this thing called "Prom", and I kinda got asked to it by this really sweet guy named Cotton.

He came to my house all dressed up and played my favorite song on the trumpet (Dream a Little Dream of Me). (He is amazing at trumpet.) He changed one of the verses to ask me:

"I will dress up nice for you
Pick you up and make dinner for you
We'll have some friends
And we will go dancing
Will you go to Prom with me?

It was so cute :)
How can you not say Yes to that???

One night while he was busy, I snuck into his room and we (myself, his brother Tristan, my friend M'kenna, and my mom) put glow-in-the-dark stickers ALL over his ceiling. 
I made this really cute pillowcase with glow-y paint that say "I wouldn't Dream of going to PROM with anyone else in the UNIVERSE!" and I put little milky bars all over the bed.
So there it is :) I've never really been into the cheesy Utah thing where we ask each other to dances in really cute ways, but this was actually really fun. I'm really excited for Prom! (really)

And since nobody, especially myself, can imagine me in heels (bleh) I'm wearing converse.
They look ridiculously awesome with my dress, by the way.

It's May 7th, just a few days after my 16th birthday! I'll have pictures up ASAP. Peace out.