Sam & Rachel

So, I know it doesn't sound as cool as 'Julie & Julia' but I was inspired! Me and my family watched the movie a couple weeks ago, and I was impressed! I really want to cook now! I mean, I love to cook. It's a pain in the butt to figure out if you have the ingredients or not, and then have to run to the store if you don't have the exact thing, but other than that I love cooking. And as I have noted before, eating is my favorite thing to do, so they go together hand in hand.

Since I don't have 'The Art of French Cooking', I'm going for Rachel Ray. My mom bought the '30-minute meals' cookbook forever ago, and I always love what's in there. For the Young Women Personal Progress program, I need to complete my Divine Nature project. I originally planned to get a bunch of recipes I love and make a recipe book for my hope chest, but then my YW leaders stole that one right out of my hands and I wanted to feel original, so I'm going to cook my way through a cook book(:

I think I will start on Monday. New week, new goals. Y'know? The first recipe is Sirloin Burgers with Mushrooms, Swiss, and Balsamic Mayo :P I'll give the recipe on Monday, and see how it goes. I'm so excited! Technically, I only need to do 20 recipes since the project only requires 10 hours minimum, but we will get to 20 and see!

Yay for food! <3

Day 8 (?) of the 'diet': I lost 4 pounds! And I haven't even been exercising! (I know, I know, but I'm going tomorrow, okay??) But I have to confess that on Sunday I had a piece of crumb cake, and on Wednesday I had an ice cream cone :( I'm sorry! But I did so good! That whole cake was in our house for FOREVER, and the brownies and ice cream too! But on Wednesday it was Young Womens, so cut some slack yo.



Jazz Fest / Relient K SAY WHAT??

Yesterday I went to the Jazz Festival at Thanksgiving Point! I had so much freaking fun! Got to catch up with some friends that I wish I got to see more often, make new ones, mooch (?) some good food off of friends, and my band did awesome! I wish everyday was as cool as yesterday. But then cool would be the norm, and I would have to expect impossibilities as a cool day. It's confusing, I know, I'm sorry.

RELIENT-FREAKING-K IS COMING TO THE E CENTER IN MAY!!! (That rhymes... XD )Just a week after my birthday! AHH! I'm getting tickets to go, cuz there is no way in aych I'm not going, but I need someone to go with. The catch: they're only OPENING. And it's for Paramore. Not that I don't like Paramore, they just... eh. But anyways I'm still psyched. Anyone for a flippin awesome concert? :D

Day 2 of the 'diet': Not as bad as I thought. I think I might step it up a notch. We have brownies AND ice cream in the fridge D: but I'm holding out. Although I haven't been to the gym in a few days, I feel balanced for eating... better. Not necessarily good, but better. Thats how I do (:



Diets, anyone?

Well... the last time I went on a diet, I was 12 and it wasn't exactly a diet- it was a lemon cleanse. I was pretty proud of myself, until after two days of it, my stomach felt like someone was repeatedly punching it. I was starving myself. Now I understand why everyone feels so bad for anorexics...

But seriously?! Diets are hard! So I'm going at it a little bit at a time. This week I'm cutting out soda and dessert D: then next week I'm going to cut out sugar for good, and I'll post from there. I don't know what suddenly made me want to diet. Actually, JK, I do know. I'm sick of working out everyday and not seeing results. I just recently realized that exercising isn't the only factor to losing weight.
Honestly, I love eating food. It's one of my favorite hobbies. But besides anorexics, who DOESN'T like eating food?? So anyways, that's just what I've recently decided. Oh, and I'm also applying the 'No eating after 7' law too. Crap.



Sexy Jazz Basses

Holy flip I REALLY want this bass. It's a Fender Deluxe Active jazz bass V, 5 string jazz bass, and it is beautimous. In my jazz band I use this Fender Aerodyne jazz bass. I like it a lot, it has a great sound. The knobs are really sensitive, which is awesome, but be careful!

The black one is the Aerodyne, and the sexy red one under it is the Fender Deluxe five string.

I've been playing bass for about a year and a half, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Not only I'm fulfilling my need for musical talent, but the friends, and appreciation for art I have acquired is priceless.





Church Dances. Holy frick, I love to dance. So yesterday, me and some amigos went to a dance, and it reminded me of how much easier it is to be myself! I got on the dance floor and started dancing- Looked like a retard, felt like the coolest person alive.

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does
everybody a great deal of good."  ~Edwin Denby

I wish I had brought my camera, cuz there were some CUH-RAZY people there. Oh and by the way, slow dances with hott people complete me. Especially when they smell good... and aren't awkward... and have a great smile... *anyways* me and my amigos came up with a perfectly accurate mormony system of how to slow dance with people. You know, dance with enough space to put a Book of Mormon between, but here's what we want to individually judge by. It's sad but true:
  • QUAD:     DANG that kid needs a deodorant and a life outside of World of Warcraft. Give me a foot of space. Bless his heart, but please???
  • BIBLE:     Cute smile, but honey, when was the last time you made eye-contact with a girl?
  • BOOK OF MORMON:     Hey, you might be kinda fun to date. *no way* I love that band too!!!!!! wait, 1.0 GPA?... um.... (awkward silence)
  • D&C:     Yes, you are extremely attractive; Yes, I love the way you smell; Yes, I'm free next Friday. But um, how many girlfriends do you have again??? That's what I though...
  • PEARL OF GREAT PRICE:     Where on this earth have you BEEN all my life!!! MARRY MEEEEE!!! *please be single* Can you get married in the temple at 14 years old????? Let's go, I'm ready!!!
Now, I know that's extremely harsh, but come on?! Don't pretend like this hasn't happened to you! But, when it comes to Mormon boys, I'm pretty easy on my choosin' ((:

Okay, wish I could write more, but I have a party to go to! (7am baby!!!)