Emotions are du-humb.

 San Francisco- you are so close! Two weeks!




Dear Utah:

You're too dang hot. Remember when you were cold? And it was awesome because I got to wear my hoodies and my beanies and my skinny jeans...? You know how I much I love that. And now look. LOOK AT THIS... THIS MESS. You've destroyed it all. Now I'm
and I feel like poop.

Let's not do this anymore.



Concert #1

Well, we're going to pretend it's #1 at least, because I refuse to admit that my first concert was David Archuleta and Brad Paisley.

Anyways, we went to see The Decemberists
 and Typhoon
which were both, amazing. Here's a pic of The Decemberists on stage, before things got crazy...
As you can see, we were just a few people from the front. We were close enough to see their beards! :D

And in case you were wondering who I keep referring to as "we", I went with Gavin, Hailee, and Cameron. We had fun. Except I'm a little disappointed now because listening to them recorded isn't as good anymore. Because they were AMAZING live. AH. It was all so good. The music was great. My friends were great. Life is great. Yeah.

...I'm a little excited. :)



Aww yeah.

Get a load of this geniusness. Jaco Pastorius, ladies and gentlemen. The all-time greatest bass player, if you ask me. I'm trying to learn this solo.





I've been in love with guitar lately.

And in case you didn't know- I SUCK at guitar. Bass, I pretty much kick butt. But guitar... makes me want to cry. But I've been practicing, and I'm getting pretty dece. (That's Hip for "decent".)

For Girls Camp I'm writing a few songs, and I have had a surprising amount of success in doing so. When they are completed, I'll be sure to upload videos! But, yeah. Doin' pretty good. Fo sho. Alrighty. K.

Yeah and I... love this picture
Like, a lot.

So how is your summer? Good, I'm suspecting? Cool beans. Keep it up, yo.



Well this is different.

Let's reminisce. Remember June? TWENTY-ONE POSTS. To seven? I'm pathetic, I know. But I have an explanation! I've just had a lot on my mind, so it's been hard to post something random AND that makes a bit of sense. So. Here we go.

I CRIED. Okay, well, maybe crying isn't the best explanation for what I was doing. I was pretty much bawling and shaking and laughing and screaming all at the same time. You could almost say the the movie was horrendously good. (Horrendously good.... I think I'm puttin' that on Urban Dictionary...) But seriously. Even if you think Harry Potter is "just alright", go see it. You will die.

Of happiness.

And another thing- Go do something that will make you happy today. Blow a balloon and draw a face on it. Make a fort in your living room. Put some food coloring in your soap and take a bubble bath. Make some chocolate milk and drink it with a straw. Go find a tree and take a nap underneath. Visit your friend or neighbor and bring them a gift- just because. There are too many opportunities to do something that will make you feel better about yourself to not take advantage of them.

Wow. Today is good I guess... :)



My favorite tree

These three turned out the bestestest.

My amateur artistic ability + good editing = pretty dece photography.




When you put my two favorite things together in one night, it just doesn't get better.
Fireworks + Rain = Happy Sam

Happy Independence Day everyone. Word to Franklin and Washington and whatnot. Yo.


My Name Is Cameron

Hello. So this is me. Again. On Sams blog. At 12:43 AM! Crazy right? I know. Well I am a little delusional. So... I better not write anything weird. But hey. Here are some cute. *coughs. I mean MANLY Gifs that are AWESOME. 
Awesome Black Kid
And Finaly.

The End.



I kept re-typing titles for this post but nothing was working. So I pounded my head on the keyboard. And this happened.

 vgfn bm, l

I shouldn't be allowed to have a brain. Or a mouth. Or a heart. I should just sit in my house all day and read books. With all my cats. That will be named after different brands of cereal.


Sorry I'll stop doing that.



Stadium of FI-YAH!

Since everyone at school knows me as the chick who won the Stadium of Fire tickets, I felt a little obligated to go. ERM I mean, I went because I love Brad Paisley so much! :D


So I took Darrick with me. I think we enjoyed walking around and talking more than the actual thing but it was nonetheless fun. I love fireworks so much.
We just LOVE Brad Paisley! :D YEE-HAW!

Bugging Darrick and Pie are of equal value to me. If that tells you anything.

A really crappy example of how AWESOME the fireworks were.

He doesn't smile. But that's okay because I love my brother Darrick. He makes me laugh. And I approve of his list. Because apparently all guys have one.