All FIFTEEN years? :O

So, I realize it's been a while. Not a lot has happened for me to actually say anything, but I know that's a lame excuse, so sorry. This morning I was thinking about how much I've needed new friends, and how... routine, my life has been. I've made several new friends over the past couple weeks, and it has just felt really good. I'm thinking this might be a new page in my little book of life. Some of my closest friends are being distanced from me in both the social and physical state. So hopefully some good changes will come from this. (:

Among other things that have come to my realization- my birthday is in one month (May 3rd)! So my blog will now be called... *drum roll* DUN-DUN-UUUUUH! All 15 Years! Isn't that so cute? Like a freakin kitten, I know.
So........ yeah. That's pretty much it. Have a nice life everyone :)



9th Grade Night Dance

On Saturday night, me and my good friend Tiara went to pretty much the only dance the Freshman can go to at my school! I had no idea I was going until about 4 hours before it was supposed to start. It's a formal dance (not like 'prom dress' formal, but still) so I dressed up all cute n stuff and my wonderfully fabulous friends LACEY and KATRINA did my hair and make-up! We looked so cute! The theme was 'I Gotta Feelin'- and let me tell ya, it was a good night! haha ;D here are some of my favorite pics, they turned out good.
It was so cold and windy! Thus the Marilyn Monroe picture (:



So pretty much, yesterday was the most normal day. You would wonder what made yesterday so more normal compared to all the other normal days, but honestly, yesterday was unusually uneventful. 

Well, I made dinner again! This time it was Macaroni & Cheese. It was so good! I also made some peas with bacon bits and sauteed onion (Bacon fat, by the way, is EXTREMELY hard to cut into inch long pieces! UGH!). I'm not a big fan of peas, but adding fat to them made it much better indeed. 

I will now begin by telling you of my baking wounds. 
  • Baking Wound #1: When I was making the hamburgers, I decided to be uber senseless and flip a patty in some deep oil. Which splattered all over my arm. Fun times my friends. I don't know where my camera is, otherwise I would post a picture of the full extent of the injury, but basically you can just imagine two red scabby blisters on my arm. Yep (:
  • Baking Wound #2: It was one of those moments when you thought you could get away with not listening to your mom for once. I was chopping some onions really fast (I REALLY wanted that Mac & Cheese), and the butcher knife went through my finger. It was fun. I was bleeding, there was a little piece of skin on the knife- oh yeah. Pretty cool.
And there it is. OH! And I watched the Oscars on Sunday! Cool stuff! I think it's great that the first woman director was given an Oscar! I really want to see The Hurt Locker now, I could have bet my life that Avatar would win everything! haha


I just like this pic ^^^ [:

Another jazz festival! Not my band's best performance, but it was still very good, and educational. I had fun poking around BYU campus. I saw hott college men, got lost in the WILK for a few minutes, saw hott college men, had some Jamba Juice, Teriyaki Stix :P , saw hott college men, and played some awesome music. Oh, and I saw hott college men (:

It's been nice having the three day weekend. I was dreading third quarter because I didn't think there would be any breaks, but we've had a couple 4 day weeks so I feel very relaxed :) I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for English right now. I read it in seventh grade for kicks, but now that I'm looking out for specific points as I read it for my essay, it's a very interesting book. Lee captures a depth in racial equality, or justice for that matter, that really gets you thinking. I'm pretty excited to write my essay. I won't like typing it necessarily, but I like to think about things on a deep level. I'll post the essay when it's finished.
And now for my thought of the day: Prayers at the beginning of the day make a REALLY big difference. I love my Heavenly Father <3

Day who knows of the 'diet': meh. It's not enough of a challenge. My mom's trying to find something right for me, because I'm not seeing any results as much as I'd like to. Mmkay it was nice chatting ((:


WHAT?! I can cook!?!?! SWEET.

I did it. I cooked. IT WAS SO YUMMY. That might have just been because I'm the one who made it,and I could enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I don't care. I did it. (Yes, I am wearing my owl shirt :D ) For the full and amazingly easy recipe, go HERE. I'm pretty positive that it took me more than a half hour, but I was going really slow too so you never know. (Yes, that is a red Le Cruet pot on my stove :D) I feel so chef-y now! I'm way excited for this project! Next, I'm making Spinach Artichoke Pasta Salad :P here's how the burger turned out- It was SOOO good!!! I'm eating the leftovers as we speak! haha



"Who am I?"

Ah. The infamous question- "Who am I?". I have realized that this part of my life has really made me start to question my values and beliefs. Not question in a way where I am unsure, but I have been thinking harder about why I do, what I do. There are things I know. 
Things I know: 
-I have a deeper appreciation for everything. It might take me a little while to see the value in someone or something, but its definitely there. Some people have a hard time seeing that, and I see that as one of my special traits. I do have my issues with a couple people who are making things difficult for me in my life right now, but I can still step back and see that at least some of what they do and say is good. Everyone is good- everyone was made in God's image.
-I am a realist. I appreciate optimists, in fact most of my friends are optimists. Pessimists make me a little sad, but hey. At the end of the day, it is what it is. Tomorrow is going to be different. I can't really tell if it's good or not, but I know that that depends on me. And frankly, I am perfectly okay with not knowing the end. I just got to get there one page at a time.
-There is nobody else out there that is like me. As dumb as that sounds, it's true. I mean, we've all been told that we are 'special', but once you honestly realize it, so many things make much more sense to you. That idea that there was no one who would perfectly understand everything about me used to bug me, but it wasn't until recently that I finally realized it was just because there is no else just like me. And I kinda like that. That's why people have friends- to find a few of their own traits in other people. 
-I like experiencing things. One time I snuck into my mom's journal, and the entry I read had an excerpt about me. It was the day after I had gotten braces, and she was saying how shocked she was with me. My mouth was extremely sore, and my mom asked "So I guess you aren't so excited about getting braces anymore?" and I told her that I was still excited. When I had broken my arm in 6th grade, the same thing. Reading glasses at 7 years old, same thing. I like having trials. And I want to experience everything. Good and Bad- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? 
-I am a Daughter of God. I was sent to my family, on May 3rd 1995, for a divine role to act as a daughter of God. I was sent here for a good purpose. I guess sometimes my goal isn't always clear, I can't always see if everything I'm doing is actually benefiting anyone: but I know that I'm doing what He wants me to do. He knows what he needs me for, so I'm going to put on the yoke of Christ and just do it.

And that's a small scale of who I am. I know that I'm no where near to knowing every exact detail of who I am, but this is all that's important right now. This is me. So... yeah :)

Day 12 of the 'diet': It's actually not that hard! I have to step it up a notch now... *dang it* but that's okay. I'm up for a good challenge! Haven't stepped on the scale for a couple days, but whatever. I'm going to the gym in a bit here, so YAY for losing weight! :D