All FIFTEEN years? :O

So, I realize it's been a while. Not a lot has happened for me to actually say anything, but I know that's a lame excuse, so sorry. This morning I was thinking about how much I've needed new friends, and how... routine, my life has been. I've made several new friends over the past couple weeks, and it has just felt really good. I'm thinking this might be a new page in my little book of life. Some of my closest friends are being distanced from me in both the social and physical state. So hopefully some good changes will come from this. (:

Among other things that have come to my realization- my birthday is in one month (May 3rd)! So my blog will now be called... *drum roll* DUN-DUN-UUUUUH! All 15 Years! Isn't that so cute? Like a freakin kitten, I know.
So........ yeah. That's pretty much it. Have a nice life everyone :)


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Kaycee.Lee said...

hey babe, I miss you. When are we FINALLY going to hang out? Do you realize that it has been almost a year since Shakespeare try-outs? =] CRAZY! [[PS... I have that blogged. Go look at it, you'll like it]] Text me? Call me? Hang out with me? I miss you and love you, have a wonderful day. =]