Harry Potter Marathon

Can you say, success??? We got through the whole night watching Harry Potter. Um, yes.

Marissa drew a unicorn on my back, I just thought the few people who read my blog might enjoy this picture. Anyhoo, hope everyone is having a fun summer, soaking up some sun, going on some fun vacations, cuz... I'm not! :) ha.
...Pretty much.




Apparently, I'm on cannabis...

That's me for you




I was given this quote in a Sunday lesson at church, and upon further investigation I was quite impressed to learn the meaning behind it, and how it applies to me.

"Integrity and firmness is all I can
promise; these, be the voyage long or
short, never shall forsake me although I 
may be deserted by all men" 
-George Washington

These are the words our former president sent to his comrade, General Henry Knox, just before accepting his position as President of the USA. There is no doubt that Washington was an honest man who was and still is respected by many for his heroic feats in defending this country. His integrity is for sure what made him a man worthy of receiving direct inspiration from God. There is no other way that a small army of very inexperienced men could have defeated the best army in the world at the time.

I'm grateful to live in a free country, where I have the agency to do what I want, and to be supported by my government. I know that there are many countries who struggle with poverty and disease, and do not benefit from the wealth that I have been blessed with.

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day, maybe got to enjoy the day by celebrating with fireworks, or at least spending time with family and enjoying life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue your own happiness.



Avatar Midnight Premiere!

I had been waiting for this day, for a YEAR when I first found out they were making a movie. I have been such a diligent fan of Aang and the rest of the gang, and along with my faithfulness, I bought midnight tickets to The Last Airbender!

This little boy and girl were dressed as Aang and Katara, and it was the most adorable thing ever! They were funny, it was entertaining to sit in line next to them :) I wish I had the guts to shave my whole head like him!!!

And of course, I went with Quincy, my adventure buddy. You like my blue arrow? I know. It's pretty sexy if I may say so myself. But anyways we had lotsa fun :D