I deeply apologize.

I woke up this morning, got my chex cereal with bananas, came up to the computer to check ("check") facebook and blogger, and the horror of my blog came to reality.
I am so sorry for my last post. There are spelling errors like crazy and I really don't know what was wrong with me. Oh wait, yes I do, I was high. Off lack of sleep. So as much as I want to delete it, I'm going to leave it there as a horrible reminder of why I need sleep.
Sorry :(

P.S. I promise I know how to spell.


Hiiiii my name is Sam and I'm high off of lack of sleep.
RAWR! I'm covered in black stuff. Like little ants that used to much hair re-growth shampoo. But fuzzier.
I LOVE PURPLE. I really do.

Okaaaaay good night! Sleep tight! DOn't let the bugs bite! You just buite them back if they doe! If they dont bute you than dont bite them back cuz thats not nice! ahahahahahaha wooooow
okay bye.



With Mom :)

On Thursday I saw the musical "White Christmas" with my mom at the Simmons Pioneer Theatre in Sugarhouse.The acting was good, the jazz band down in the pit was phenomenal, and I just really liked it! It made me wish that I was born sometime in the 40s. I love that style of singing. AH! :)

♪♫ Even guys with two left feet, come out all right if the girl is sweet! ♪♫


Big Smiles

I got my braces off finally! Food is like a new discovery to me now, I can't get enough of it. I'm still learning the joys and wonders of it. And also, today is officially the first day of Christmas Break! I had an awesome day yesterday with friends and I don't know, everything is just great! Yay for nice teeth!


Heck Yes!

I recently discovered that Zooey Deschanel (phenomenal actress and singer), and Ben Gibbard (lead singer of "Death Cab for Cutie") GOT MARRIED LAST YEAR!!!

My indie rock fantasies have come true, I can now die happy.


Please Enjoy :)



It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting in bed, drinking some herbal chamomile tea (with the perfect amount of honey, of course), and just thinking: "My life is fine right now." I thought about that word for a while. I'm happy right now. My life seems to be predictable for the most part- which I am OK with, honestly. I think it's great. I've made a great group of friends, I enjoy all the classes I'm enrolled in, and life is pretty fine in general.

But today, my parents gave us the option of moving.
My head has felt kinda bulbous and out of shape all day. My fine little world would be turned upside down. You know, if I had been given this option towards the end of my Freshman year, I would have picked it up in a heart then. Back then, I was ready for change. Then things continued to get different as 2010 evolved, and now I'm not sure what I would do without the friends I've made. They've really made me who I am. I've known some people since Kindergarten and all through out middle school and high school. But the people who have really impacted me, I have just met in the past year. I don't know where I would be without them.

So basically, my past has really been affecting my future. That's I named this post Today. Right Now, The Present. Because my past choices have led me to this place, and the place I'm in right will lead me to my next place.

"Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a Gift, that's why it's called the Present."
Anyways- rhubarb pie is absolutely divine.



Well, that's refreshing.

I did it.
I deleted my facebook.
It feels so good, because now I know that I'll be able to actually get things done! As I put it to my dear friend earlier today "It feels like my grades are already going up..."
I'm just ready to not have the pressure of always having something to do. But for anyone who will miss seeing my annoying comments all over facebook, I will probably return once the holiday season is over :) We shall seeee.
Mkay? Hope everything is going good for you, my dear reader. Have a great day.


My Happy Place

I have several happy places.

Some of which, are embarrassing to talk about. But others, I could drone on and on about.Some happy places are spiritual/emotional, we go to them mentally, or figuratively. For example, one of my good friends very cleverly describes a marching band competition as her happy place.  (Which also happens to be one of my places as well.)

Others are physical. We literally go there when we feel distraught or discouraged. As odd as this may sound, mine is my moldy un-finished basement.

In that place, I find musical instruments everywhere. Drums, guitars of all shapes and sizes, random little percussion instruments, a mic attached to a mixer (so fun), and to top it off, a little kazoo that I use to my heart's content. In that place, it's quiet and I feel peaceful. I can make music in ways that usually only I can appreciate. And even if going there causes my atrocious school grades to dwindle down to nothingness, I feel productive. I feel like I'm doing something good, something right.
 So there it is, my happy place. What is yours?