My Happy Place

I have several happy places.

Some of which, are embarrassing to talk about. But others, I could drone on and on about.Some happy places are spiritual/emotional, we go to them mentally, or figuratively. For example, one of my good friends very cleverly describes a marching band competition as her happy place.  (Which also happens to be one of my places as well.)

Others are physical. We literally go there when we feel distraught or discouraged. As odd as this may sound, mine is my moldy un-finished basement.

In that place, I find musical instruments everywhere. Drums, guitars of all shapes and sizes, random little percussion instruments, a mic attached to a mixer (so fun), and to top it off, a little kazoo that I use to my heart's content. In that place, it's quiet and I feel peaceful. I can make music in ways that usually only I can appreciate. And even if going there causes my atrocious school grades to dwindle down to nothingness, I feel productive. I feel like I'm doing something good, something right.
 So there it is, my happy place. What is yours?



Anonymous said...

I feel guilty that I haven't come to jam :( But you know, all I have to say to this is AMEN. I will post mind soon. Very soon...AND come over, VERY soon.

I love you.

The end.

Elise said...

Indeed, my good lady, AMEN!!! :D