Let it Go

Today is national "Let it Go" Day, so whatever it is that you are holding on to, let it go! I especially need to observe this 'holiday', as do most people. Is there a person or event that you have been dwelling on for too long? If there is someone who doesn't deserve your love today, be sure to apologize to them for any wrong you have done. And for those who you have failed to acknowledge for vain reasons, today is the day! 

When I get upset, I like to "tell" my journal about it, or write a letter to whoever it is that I am upset with and then throw it away after. It's very... satisfying. And often quite relaxing too. Today I'm thinking about getting my hands on a helium balloon, so if anyone sees a red dot in the sky today, you can think of me :) 

Let it Go!
(Check out "Let it all out" by Relient K, I'm putting it up on my music. Enjoy!)


Happy Pappy Day

I'm too lazy to do anything extravagant and amazing with this post, so I'll keep it short and sweet. I love my Dad, I think he's funny (don't tell him I said that), and he's a pretty great guy! I'm glad to have him around! Love ya pops!

This pretty much explains my dad in the simplest of terms. I should have saved it for blackmail or something, but this is just plain hilarious. Enjoy!
CJ Stott:




This is a pre-tribute to my Adventure Buddy- Quincy LeeAnn XD Ah man I'm so dead. There are too many things to say that have already been said that I don't know how to say so I just won't say anything. You rock man.


I can't freaking wait for that e-mail.

Diets... Bringin it Back.

Yeah, so, I know that I tried to diet a while back. And it worked! For like, 3 weeks and then I quit. But still it was pretty good! I lost quite a few extra pounds! WELL, I'm starting an actual diet program that I pretty much have to do. Because money is going towards it. And I would feel bad wasting money. SOOO- everyone look forward to me looking like a sexy beast by next month :) That's pretty much it yo :)



Oh Band :)

That's what I want people to yell at me when I pass them on the streets or through the halls, because I've finally found something that I'm so passionate about doing! Band! Making music! So, marching season started up, and I needed something to do this summer, so now I bang stuff during my free time.
Not like that you sicko!
Ha, but seriously, LET'S DO THIS! I will also be riding my bike to the school every morning! Woot! Haha I'm so excited about everything going on. I would say "I can't wait", but I really can. I want to enjoy it while it's here! So let time move as slowly as it wants to, SuMmEr '1o, Here I come!