Today on the bus home from school, I had my feet up on the seat, my head back, iPod in ear, and I was perfect temperature. Next thing I know, I'm eating chocolate covered raisins. 
I woke up and realized that half the bus was staring at me.
I still have no idea what I did, right now I'm just hoping that I didn't say anything inappropriate...
I. Need. Sleep.



Things I don't love.

As a response to Quincy's post "Things I don't love.", here is, quite simply, a list of things I don't love.

1. flies
2. mini skirts
3. hiccups
4. Crocs shoes
5. sweat
6. canned spinach
7. B.O.
8. Ke$ha
9. stupid questions
10. U of U fans

Yeah that's pretty much it for now. I don't love any of those things. In fact, you might even say that I HATE them *gasp!*
I know. I'm atrocious. 



Westlake- The Second Chapter

And so it begins, my second year of high school.
Mixed feelings, as I'm sure everyone feels about school, or working for that matter. But you know, I missed my friends. And I missed band classes, and eating horrendously bad lunches, and club rush week, and football games, and just... LIFE in general, that is included with the whole high school "scene". 
This year, I'm making a goal to get out of my B average slum, and turn into a 4.0 student. I've always put it through my head that it's impossible to do, but I know so many amazing people that not only achieve that kind of excellency in their school work, but also in their social life, and their spiritual well being too. So Imma do it :)

Wish me luck!


Band Camp!

I just love making music. It is my most favoritest thing to do :) And at the beginning of August- maybe July? Who knows, time flies when you're having fun- I got to participate in the wonderful thing that is, BAND CAMP. 

This one time at band camp... 
- I spent 13 hours playing the same music over and over again.
- I sang "Don't Stop Believin'" at the top of my lungs, while standing on a chair.
- After long and exhausting hours of memorizing music, I danced my heart out.
- I smooshed a cupcake in my friend's face.
- My friends smooshed a cupcake in my face.
- I got to experience first hand what true dedication is.
- I decided that marching is a sport.
- I made friends with some of the most amazing people.
- I fell in love with my drum line, no matter my insignificance in it.
- I got some really bad swack.
- I snorted zip fizz. (Wouldn't recommend it.)
- I got in an EPIC water balloon fight.
- I played *music*.
I love my geeky family.


The Apology.

So... I know.
I know, that I have been lazy. And I know that it has been a month since I have recorded anything happening in my life.
A lot has happened! I can't even imagine where to begin, so as of right now, I'm just going to apologize for being lazy. 
It won't happen again.
Promise :)