Band Camp!

I just love making music. It is my most favoritest thing to do :) And at the beginning of August- maybe July? Who knows, time flies when you're having fun- I got to participate in the wonderful thing that is, BAND CAMP. 

This one time at band camp... 
- I spent 13 hours playing the same music over and over again.
- I sang "Don't Stop Believin'" at the top of my lungs, while standing on a chair.
- After long and exhausting hours of memorizing music, I danced my heart out.
- I smooshed a cupcake in my friend's face.
- My friends smooshed a cupcake in my face.
- I got to experience first hand what true dedication is.
- I decided that marching is a sport.
- I made friends with some of the most amazing people.
- I fell in love with my drum line, no matter my insignificance in it.
- I got some really bad swack.
- I snorted zip fizz. (Wouldn't recommend it.)
- I got in an EPIC water balloon fight.
- I played *music*.
I love my geeky family.



Anonymous said...

Samantha. Grace. Stott.

I just LOVE this post! Everything about it. I am very glad you're enjoying it. I fear that people will start to hate it, but you'll see just how wonderful and moving it is once competition starts! AH! YES! That was the best week of the summer. Wow, I could keep talking.

Thank you for the comments on my blog.

I love you, Swam.


Sam said...

I too, enjoy it VERY much :)
I just barely edited it, because there are some things that I remembered that NEEDED to be recorded!!! HA