I haz friends?

MONDAY: Went to seminary with Kresten, Gavin, and Cameron and that pretty much rocked. Then we hung out all day. Later Gavin came over and made a key lime pie with me. Then we jammed. It was GREAT. :)

TUESDAY: Went over to Nate's with Gav and Cam. We play COD:BO, killed some Nazi zombies. And ate pie. Awwwww yeaaaah. Then me and Cameron went on a date. We drank Arizonas n' stuff. And talked for a long time. It was pretty much awesome. ( < NO SARCASM. It seriously was awesome.) I gave him my sparkly shoelaces. *tee hee*

WEDNESDAY: I finally had a BASS LESSON! With the lovely Becca Welch. I'm really excited to see how she will help me with some more classical training, and how we can focus more on the upright. She's a lot like me, and she has the future that I've always seen myself taking with the bass, so I'm excited. Then in the evening I went to go see the new X-MEN with Cara, Anela, Reese, and Isabelle. It was a great movie, seriously.

THURSDAY: Hang out with Cotton later? :)

So apparently, I really *do* have friends! Who woulda thunk.


An angel of God

June 29th, 2011 Garrett Mangelson joined his Father in Heaven after a fateful accident.

Please keep his family; my band director Mr. Mangelson and his wife and 2 sons, in your prayers.

I am so grateful for the Great plan of Happiness. And knowing that because of the great man my band director is, his family will someday be reunited again for all eternity.

Rest in Peace, GarrBear. <3



I, Samantha Stott,

am cool. And I will no longer call myself an idiot. Or argue the subject any longer.



It's funny, okay?

So I decided to go to summer seminary today. I ate a popsicle after. There was this joke on it and it made me laugh really hard.

Why didn't the turkey cross the road?
He was too chicken!

I was definitely on one today.


Puttin' the kick back in my step

I am happy.



herp derp.

I. Well.

aso;iefaweiofa awe'fa;welskfha;'lkj;lh os'ifja s. kl;sa.

Wow. Now I see why Cameron and Sabrina like doing this so much.

iaweuohf;aosli'askfna;snakfaj ;l blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaslifnva;osfnah;



Back in Black.

In case you were wondering if youth conference was FLIPPING AWESOME,

Yes. Yes it was.

And if you were wondering if I tanned my ugly little ginger skin,

Yes. Yes I did.

But for real. I had a lot of fun. And I'm glad that I can come back and into the blogging business! I've really been into tumblr lately. (Another thing to waste my time away on.... yay.) I don't really have anything interesting to say so here's a still from Juno that I really liked.
And just in case you weren't sure if you were a horse or not, I found this nifty flow chart for you.
By the way, life can be really confusing and make you want scrape out your brain and sort it into a cute little filing cabinet just so it's organized and you can try and make sense of it.



Sayonara Suckers

I'm headed to Youth Conference tomorrow. And although I'm kinda dreading it- I know it's exactly what I've been needing. I'll see you all next Sunday, maybe with pictures. :)



Sincerely, A Panda Named Cameron.

So I am Sams B E S T friend. We have known each other our entire 2011 summer life. It is crazy right? I know. Man this is really stupid already. But hey. At least I can say I was on Sams blog. Have you noticed how freaking TALENTED this woman is? She is pretty legit. How can you meet Sam and not think she is? Anyways. I like Scott Pilgrim. She likes Scott Pilgrim. So yeah. Pretty much makes her cool in my book. I knew that she would be pretty legit if Kresten thought she was. And hey if Kresten thinks someone is cool and talks so highly of a human. She has got to be cool. Hey sam why the FRUIT have we NOT hung out yet? I am psyched. Because it will happen. Even if I have to shanghai you. I will. Promise. Guess what I am a senior. You mad bro? Betchya are. I wont post a picture. That is not my Cameron style. But hey I heart this human. A lot. So yeah. Don't read this stupid thing where an idiot named Cameron rambles on about how awesome this human is. How about you scroll down and listen to her awesome vocals and piano skills. Yeah.
The end.
A Panda Named Cameron.

Cameron's way rad blog





Something more lively

I walked through my brothers room and yelped in pain from stepping on a clip board!
Whoo hoo!

My phone works again! So now I feel like I have friends! And I can waste away my summer texting people for no apparent reason!
Whoo hoo!

I eat spinach every day so that I'm healthy! Apparently it does something good for you! I poop everyday!
Whoo hoo!

Now that I'm 16, people expect stuff from me all the time! I'm supposed to be responsible like a normal kid! YAY NORMALITY AND UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!
Whoo hoo!

All I want is cereal for every meal!
Whoo hoo!

This post is depressing!


Hi, my name's Sam.

And what I thought was a stroke of genius, was actually my brain farting really beautiful colors.

So I'm back to being myself. Uninspired teenagerness. Cameron, why am I on here? Oh yeah, because I like to pretend that I can make interesting blog posts like yours that are funny and cute.


Here, have a picture of Adam Levine.
Yeah, I feel better too now.

Anyways. I played Beatles Rock Band today with Gavin and Kresten. And I sang. Honestly, I don't think I'm that shabby... I'm better than I used to be at least.


Hey so, yeah. I feel like smartness is just oozing out of my ears right now.

Also, this is funny:
Alrighty. I'll stop wasting your time.



Many the Miles Cover

This is a song that I've liked for a long time, and my amateur attempt at covering it. I got really frustrated at the end haha. Sorry the audio kinda sucks.

Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles



I have no idea where this extra dose of deep thought has been coming from lately but I have been feeling so different lately. 
What the heck is going on?



I think everyone deserves a little Frank today.



You know, it's funny.

A person can go along thinking things that aren't true. And they're not lying to themselves, they truly believe it. They truly believe a lie. But then something happens. Something little. So little, that a person may not even know what it was that changed. But that little miniscule nothing actually means a lot. It flips the picture.

Sometimes a person will change. Sometimes they do it a lot. Or maybe another person will do it a few times, and the change will be really important to them. They believe in the change. They trust the change.

But I guess it all comes right back to that little thing. 

So ask yourself, what have those "little" things been? The more you think about it, they're not little, they're sudden. They happen fast. And they kinda click, don't they? 


Just like that. 

And they may seem little right there. But in reality, they're huge. They push the change.



I dont know

Hey, look, it's me.


List of the Day

I like lists.
  • take a shower
  • eat healthy stuff
  • dry my moldy laundry and fold it
  • practice music for 4 hours
  • fill job applications
  • wear real clothes
  • clean the bathroom
  • get sunburnt
  • try to make friends
  • be nice



My Hero

Do you know someone, that you feel like everything that comes out of their mouth is purely inspired? That no matter what they do, they do it because they know it will do some good in the world? Whether or not it helps them, as long as everyone else is happy, they are happy with knowing that they do good? They learn from every trial, and every experience they have.

I have a friend like this. And the best word I can think of to describe her is beautiful. Not only am I in love with her amazing smile, her melted chocolate eyes, or her hair that makes you want to strangle yourself because you're so JEALOUS of how gorgeous it is- but the light about her presence is so attractive. 

Anela Hansen. If someone were to ask me what 1 thing I would bring with me on a stranded island, I would say 
"Anela Hansen. Duh."
She's one of those people that are too unbelievable to describe, you have to meet them. So as little justice to her as this blog post is doing, I just had to let the world know how much I love her, and that she is my true HERO. Heavenly Father tells me all the time that I need to keep her close. Anyone who doesn't is a, well, an idiot.



(P.S. She can sing better than... your mom. Yeah.)

There is Beauty all around

I don't know what it is about rainy and grey days, but I think they are so beautiful. I decided I would show you all what I find so beautiful about them, because I don't think others really see them the way I do. I took this pictures yesterday evening.


A cute couple with their dog.
I think if you click on it, it will appear in another window a lot larger. It's actually a very sweet photo.

My neighbor's sweet baby boy.

I don't know what it is about black cats, but I have wanted one SO bad. For as long as I can remember. This particular one is a kitten, and she is so sweet.

Well there you have it. Hope your day was rainy and wonderful :) Go make yourself a pie or something.



I guess if I HAVE to be dressed...

This is what my summer wardrobe consists of.
  • Baseball shirts
  • Jean shorts
  • Vans or Converse
  • Swimsuit underneath

This lifestyle allows me to do the only things I will be doing this summer. Longboarding, swimming, jamming, eating, and sleeping. And probably working. That is assuming I can find a job today.

Anyone know where I can apply?




My Sophomore year is now officially over! Wow. I feel so much better now. As much as I loved all the friends I made over the year, and all the activities I did- I am extremely happy that it's over. A break is MUCH needed for me. Here I come, summer! :)