You know, it's funny.

A person can go along thinking things that aren't true. And they're not lying to themselves, they truly believe it. They truly believe a lie. But then something happens. Something little. So little, that a person may not even know what it was that changed. But that little miniscule nothing actually means a lot. It flips the picture.

Sometimes a person will change. Sometimes they do it a lot. Or maybe another person will do it a few times, and the change will be really important to them. They believe in the change. They trust the change.

But I guess it all comes right back to that little thing. 

So ask yourself, what have those "little" things been? The more you think about it, they're not little, they're sudden. They happen fast. And they kinda click, don't they? 


Just like that. 

And they may seem little right there. But in reality, they're huge. They push the change.




Cameron James Raburn said...

Wow. I. Just. Dunno what to say. This is. Wow. I agree. Just know that. I agree. A whole lot. You're freaking amazing. Just sayin'.

Sam said...

Haha. Thank you. A whole lot.
You're a lot cooler than you think you are, by the way.

islandgirl said...

Thinking about you, lovely lady. Hope you're okay. Luh luh luuhhh you.