This is madness.

I have so much going on this week. I think I'm going to lose my mind.
The thing that would probably make me happiest would be to make a pie. But...

I don't have time.
For anything.
I don't have time to do my hair.
Or speak proper sentences.
I get most of my sleep covered during health,
and math.




I said yes! (DOS)

Somebody by the name of Sam got asked to Homecoming by the coolest person on the planet.
I went into math, and about 5-10 minutes through the class, my teacher flips up the projector screen and BOOM. There it was! It was very sweet, and I was not expecting it. I have yet to "answer" him. I shall let you all know how that goes shortly. :)

But anyways. I already have my dress and everything ready. (Of course.) Now we just have to wait til next Saturday!

And speaking of Homecoming, I got nominated as the Junior Homecoming Princess!

DEFINITELY not expecting that one. We'll see if I actually make it to the "finals". I think this whole thing is kinda silly to be honest. But God knows I love the attention. I love all my funny friends that nominated me. So yeah. Cameron is thee coolest ever. I don't know what I would do without him.


Just a bit dramatic.

Remember when I was all like,


Turns out, I did a lot better than I thought.
In fact, you are now reading the blog of the newest member of the Caleb Chapman Ska band- Lo-Fi Riot!
I'm so excited to get going and meet everyone in the band and AHHHH! It is all very exciting to me. As a part of being in the group, I also get the opportunity to tour Mexico in March of 2012. I am so ridiculously excited. Now I just need a job....
(Easier said than done.)

Well. Yep. Life is good. I am no longer stressed. Jazz band is the bomb. Amen.



Stress is GREAT. *sarcasm

I had auditions on Saturday for a jazz group that I've wanted to be in for such a long time. And last Spring I was like
And then last Friday I was like
"Maybe if I lick all the doorknobs at school, I'll be too sick to go try-out..."


So now I'm sitting on the computer. Telling you all that I did, indeed, suck.