I haz friends?

MONDAY: Went to seminary with Kresten, Gavin, and Cameron and that pretty much rocked. Then we hung out all day. Later Gavin came over and made a key lime pie with me. Then we jammed. It was GREAT. :)

TUESDAY: Went over to Nate's with Gav and Cam. We play COD:BO, killed some Nazi zombies. And ate pie. Awwwww yeaaaah. Then me and Cameron went on a date. We drank Arizonas n' stuff. And talked for a long time. It was pretty much awesome. ( < NO SARCASM. It seriously was awesome.) I gave him my sparkly shoelaces. *tee hee*

WEDNESDAY: I finally had a BASS LESSON! With the lovely Becca Welch. I'm really excited to see how she will help me with some more classical training, and how we can focus more on the upright. She's a lot like me, and she has the future that I've always seen myself taking with the bass, so I'm excited. Then in the evening I went to go see the new X-MEN with Cara, Anela, Reese, and Isabelle. It was a great movie, seriously.

THURSDAY: Hang out with Cotton later? :)

So apparently, I really *do* have friends! Who woulda thunk.


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Fred said...

U always have the coolest blog entries.