My Hero

Do you know someone, that you feel like everything that comes out of their mouth is purely inspired? That no matter what they do, they do it because they know it will do some good in the world? Whether or not it helps them, as long as everyone else is happy, they are happy with knowing that they do good? They learn from every trial, and every experience they have.

I have a friend like this. And the best word I can think of to describe her is beautiful. Not only am I in love with her amazing smile, her melted chocolate eyes, or her hair that makes you want to strangle yourself because you're so JEALOUS of how gorgeous it is- but the light about her presence is so attractive. 

Anela Hansen. If someone were to ask me what 1 thing I would bring with me on a stranded island, I would say 
"Anela Hansen. Duh."
She's one of those people that are too unbelievable to describe, you have to meet them. So as little justice to her as this blog post is doing, I just had to let the world know how much I love her, and that she is my true HERO. Heavenly Father tells me all the time that I need to keep her close. Anyone who doesn't is a, well, an idiot.



(P.S. She can sing better than... your mom. Yeah.)

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