Hi, my name's Sam.

And what I thought was a stroke of genius, was actually my brain farting really beautiful colors.

So I'm back to being myself. Uninspired teenagerness. Cameron, why am I on here? Oh yeah, because I like to pretend that I can make interesting blog posts like yours that are funny and cute.


Here, have a picture of Adam Levine.
Yeah, I feel better too now.

Anyways. I played Beatles Rock Band today with Gavin and Kresten. And I sang. Honestly, I don't think I'm that shabby... I'm better than I used to be at least.


Hey so, yeah. I feel like smartness is just oozing out of my ears right now.

Also, this is funny:
Alrighty. I'll stop wasting your time.



Sydney Lynn Ackley said...

What a babe... (: Yumm.

And that is a really funny cartoon! Hahaha.

Jessica Oliver said...

Sam I love your blog! and I love both of those pictures! :)