Something more lively

I walked through my brothers room and yelped in pain from stepping on a clip board!
Whoo hoo!

My phone works again! So now I feel like I have friends! And I can waste away my summer texting people for no apparent reason!
Whoo hoo!

I eat spinach every day so that I'm healthy! Apparently it does something good for you! I poop everyday!
Whoo hoo!

Now that I'm 16, people expect stuff from me all the time! I'm supposed to be responsible like a normal kid! YAY NORMALITY AND UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!
Whoo hoo!

All I want is cereal for every meal!
Whoo hoo!

This post is depressing!


1 comment:

FRED said...

I don't know about depressing. It gave me a good chuckle!