Sincerely, A Panda Named Cameron.

So I am Sams B E S T friend. We have known each other our entire 2011 summer life. It is crazy right? I know. Man this is really stupid already. But hey. At least I can say I was on Sams blog. Have you noticed how freaking TALENTED this woman is? She is pretty legit. How can you meet Sam and not think she is? Anyways. I like Scott Pilgrim. She likes Scott Pilgrim. So yeah. Pretty much makes her cool in my book. I knew that she would be pretty legit if Kresten thought she was. And hey if Kresten thinks someone is cool and talks so highly of a human. She has got to be cool. Hey sam why the FRUIT have we NOT hung out yet? I am psyched. Because it will happen. Even if I have to shanghai you. I will. Promise. Guess what I am a senior. You mad bro? Betchya are. I wont post a picture. That is not my Cameron style. But hey I heart this human. A lot. So yeah. Don't read this stupid thing where an idiot named Cameron rambles on about how awesome this human is. How about you scroll down and listen to her awesome vocals and piano skills. Yeah.
The end.
A Panda Named Cameron.

Cameron's way rad blog


islandgirl said...

Cameron....I don't know you. But you sound rad.
...let's be friends.

Sam said...


Cameron James Raburn said...

Haha. Stop it you're making me blush.

islandgirl said...

I'm all for it. But Cameron sounds a little creeped out.


Uhh one more thing...I like your blog Cameron. Really.

(ok, I'm done being a creeper now.)

Sam said...

I know isn't like the best blog ever???