WHAT?! I can cook!?!?! SWEET.

I did it. I cooked. IT WAS SO YUMMY. That might have just been because I'm the one who made it,and I could enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I don't care. I did it. (Yes, I am wearing my owl shirt :D ) For the full and amazingly easy recipe, go HERE. I'm pretty positive that it took me more than a half hour, but I was going really slow too so you never know. (Yes, that is a red Le Cruet pot on my stove :D) I feel so chef-y now! I'm way excited for this project! Next, I'm making Spinach Artichoke Pasta Salad :P here's how the burger turned out- It was SOOO good!!! I'm eating the leftovers as we speak! haha



Quincy said...

Dear Sammy:

You're too cute. Make it veggie style, and I'm all for it :)

Love Quincy

Sam said...

That's how my mom had hers! (:

Quincy said...

Is she vegg??

Sam said...

No, she's on this cleanse thing and she can't eat meat... We've already discussed this! haha ;D