I just like this pic ^^^ [:

Another jazz festival! Not my band's best performance, but it was still very good, and educational. I had fun poking around BYU campus. I saw hott college men, got lost in the WILK for a few minutes, saw hott college men, had some Jamba Juice, Teriyaki Stix :P , saw hott college men, and played some awesome music. Oh, and I saw hott college men (:

It's been nice having the three day weekend. I was dreading third quarter because I didn't think there would be any breaks, but we've had a couple 4 day weeks so I feel very relaxed :) I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for English right now. I read it in seventh grade for kicks, but now that I'm looking out for specific points as I read it for my essay, it's a very interesting book. Lee captures a depth in racial equality, or justice for that matter, that really gets you thinking. I'm pretty excited to write my essay. I won't like typing it necessarily, but I like to think about things on a deep level. I'll post the essay when it's finished.
And now for my thought of the day: Prayers at the beginning of the day make a REALLY big difference. I love my Heavenly Father <3

Day who knows of the 'diet': meh. It's not enough of a challenge. My mom's trying to find something right for me, because I'm not seeing any results as much as I'd like to. Mmkay it was nice chatting ((:


Anonymous said...

Hott college men, huh? No wonder you weren't listening to a word I was saying! Haha. It was a really great time, in deed.

Oh, I love this post. I love reading your writing because it opens some depth of you.

Thank you for that prayer; it made all the difference. When you figure out that diet, let me know. I need something right.


Sam said...

I was too listening! sorda... haha just jokin but for reals yo. I don't say what's really on my mind as much as I should. Someone who reads what I write would know me a lot better than someone who just talks to me. I guess you know me well (:

Hey, and anytime. Really, if you need a little extra kick to your week or something, I can provide that (:

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much. Haha. I love that I am currently adding a "WISECRACK REMARK." Hm. I love you :) Chao.