So pretty much, yesterday was the most normal day. You would wonder what made yesterday so more normal compared to all the other normal days, but honestly, yesterday was unusually uneventful. 

Well, I made dinner again! This time it was Macaroni & Cheese. It was so good! I also made some peas with bacon bits and sauteed onion (Bacon fat, by the way, is EXTREMELY hard to cut into inch long pieces! UGH!). I'm not a big fan of peas, but adding fat to them made it much better indeed. 

I will now begin by telling you of my baking wounds. 
  • Baking Wound #1: When I was making the hamburgers, I decided to be uber senseless and flip a patty in some deep oil. Which splattered all over my arm. Fun times my friends. I don't know where my camera is, otherwise I would post a picture of the full extent of the injury, but basically you can just imagine two red scabby blisters on my arm. Yep (:
  • Baking Wound #2: It was one of those moments when you thought you could get away with not listening to your mom for once. I was chopping some onions really fast (I REALLY wanted that Mac & Cheese), and the butcher knife went through my finger. It was fun. I was bleeding, there was a little piece of skin on the knife- oh yeah. Pretty cool.
And there it is. OH! And I watched the Oscars on Sunday! Cool stuff! I think it's great that the first woman director was given an Oscar! I really want to see The Hurt Locker now, I could have bet my life that Avatar would win everything! haha


Kaycee.Lee said...

Samantha,,, I can't believe you blog. =] You are completly my favorite person ever. We can be blog buddies. It is great. =] Haa. I miss you! Lets PLAYY!

Sam said...

YAY you have a blog?!?! How is this possible that you can get any cooler?? Oh my. This is amazing- WE are amazing.

Kaycee.Lee said...

Yes, yes we are. =] ahh. How is it possible that we are so ALIKE?! this is CRAZY! =]

Sam said...

We are mad- BONKERS! But do you want to know a secret? The best people are (: