I've been in love with guitar lately.

And in case you didn't know- I SUCK at guitar. Bass, I pretty much kick butt. But guitar... makes me want to cry. But I've been practicing, and I'm getting pretty dece. (That's Hip for "decent".)

For Girls Camp I'm writing a few songs, and I have had a surprising amount of success in doing so. When they are completed, I'll be sure to upload videos! But, yeah. Doin' pretty good. Fo sho. Alrighty. K.

Yeah and I... love this picture
Like, a lot.

So how is your summer? Good, I'm suspecting? Cool beans. Keep it up, yo.



Sabrina said...

I. Love. This. PICTURE.

Sam said...

I KNOW RIGHT??? I saw it and I died. Everything about it just... blah. Makes me think of kittens and sparkly things. It's so beautiful. Yeah.

Wow I'm a geek.