Well this is different.

Let's reminisce. Remember June? TWENTY-ONE POSTS. To seven? I'm pathetic, I know. But I have an explanation! I've just had a lot on my mind, so it's been hard to post something random AND that makes a bit of sense. So. Here we go.

I CRIED. Okay, well, maybe crying isn't the best explanation for what I was doing. I was pretty much bawling and shaking and laughing and screaming all at the same time. You could almost say the the movie was horrendously good. (Horrendously good.... I think I'm puttin' that on Urban Dictionary...) But seriously. Even if you think Harry Potter is "just alright", go see it. You will die.

Of happiness.

And another thing- Go do something that will make you happy today. Blow a balloon and draw a face on it. Make a fort in your living room. Put some food coloring in your soap and take a bubble bath. Make some chocolate milk and drink it with a straw. Go find a tree and take a nap underneath. Visit your friend or neighbor and bring them a gift- just because. There are too many opportunities to do something that will make you feel better about yourself to not take advantage of them.

Wow. Today is good I guess... :)


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