Diets, anyone?

Well... the last time I went on a diet, I was 12 and it wasn't exactly a diet- it was a lemon cleanse. I was pretty proud of myself, until after two days of it, my stomach felt like someone was repeatedly punching it. I was starving myself. Now I understand why everyone feels so bad for anorexics...

But seriously?! Diets are hard! So I'm going at it a little bit at a time. This week I'm cutting out soda and dessert D: then next week I'm going to cut out sugar for good, and I'll post from there. I don't know what suddenly made me want to diet. Actually, JK, I do know. I'm sick of working out everyday and not seeing results. I just recently realized that exercising isn't the only factor to losing weight.
Honestly, I love eating food. It's one of my favorite hobbies. But besides anorexics, who DOESN'T like eating food?? So anyways, that's just what I've recently decided. Oh, and I'm also applying the 'No eating after 7' law too. Crap.


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