My Bishop

Everyone thinks that their bishop is the bomb diggity, but you really don't know anything until you meet mine.

He FREQUENTLY makes references to the movie "Kung Fu Panda", often during his talks. When he asked me what he could do to be a better bishop, I told him he could give me more chocolate. So he pulled a tube of mini chocolate M&Ms out of his desk and handed it to me. My bishop is such a kid. I love him. He's always joking around and hanging out with the youth in our ward. He's awesome.
But in all seriousness, he's wonderful. I know that he's a true man of God, it shows through everything he does and says. He's always there for me and for anyone else. And his family is the BOMB. I love his kids and his wife. They are the most amazing people I know.

So, yeah. He's seriously the coolest thing since sliced bread.



FRED said...

Sam, where did you get that picture. I L-O-V_E it.
Is that his real hair or is he wearing a wig?

Jessica Oliver said...

NO! mine is better! ;)
...but in all seriousness I TOTALLY agree!!!

Sam said...

It's a wig, it was on his facebook :)

NO JESSICA- MINE is better! ;)

Jessica Oliver said...

Sam you are just jelious of my bishop! He is WAYWAY cooler than yours! ;) haha