The Happiest Place on Earth

So last week, I got to go to the happiest place on earth with my best friends. What is better than that, might you ask?
Not even cheese.
Here is an example of one of the many times that I am laughing so hysterically that I am crying, snorting, and wheezing.
Then of course, a picture of the sexiest drum line playing down main street in the Disney Parade. MY drum line.
And here they are yet again, being crazily attractive as ever. This is at the Red Rocks State Marching Band Competition in St George, Utah. The good new is we placed- the bad news is, we got 3rd place. I'm not going to say how I feel about that because that would ruin the spirit of my blog- BUT!, it was a lot of fun :)
Next year's show is going to be so insanely bombin, that I don't even care that we got third at State (because we got first at most of our competitions anyways).



Quincy said...

Giggedy :)

Hell to the yes.
I am so glad I got to go! And we had a ball.

I love you, Samantha.

Brianne said...

For the record, I was ON the sexy DL..

..then Las Vegas had to come into my life and I quit the one major thing I regret ever quitting.

:( This made me jealous. VERY jealous.