January Challenge

Okay Kaycee- this is for you :) And anyone else who even bothers to know more about me.
JANUARY- A detailed description of yourself

- My name is Samantha Grace Stott. My middle name is after my father's father's mother, and my mother's father's mother. (My great-grandmas).
- I go to Westlake High, and I'm a Sophomore.
- May 3rd is the day I will turn 16. And honestly, that day could NOT be any further away. 115 days!
- Music is my passion.
- Bass guitar is my instrument. But I also play piano, percussion, and I can roughly play guitar and the drum set.
- I'm a band geek- and proud of it.
- The majority of my closest friends are older than me. It can be fun and degrading at the same time. :)
- I <3 Facebook.
- Theatre is my fascination. I love to act and sing. Usually at the same time.
- I think I understand the opposite gender more than what most people would consider normal. Boys are complicated because they are simple. The End.
- I hate flies.
- I'm a full fledged morning person. But I pretend I'm not so that people don't expect a lot from me. It's sad but true.
- Laughing is how I release emotion. Even when I'm frustrated, I laugh. It's odd.
- Chapstick makes my lips dry.
- The walls in my room are green- my favorite color.
- My favorite music changes. I love love LOVE rock. Any. Right now I'm into Indie/ Alternative Rock.
- English is my favorite subject.
- Musicians are my home dawgs.
- I'm different.

If you read all of this- Congratulations :) Pat yourself on the back. (I'm serious.)



FRED and JUDY said...

I love you, you are one fun chick and a facinating read. Keep it up. And yes, I read it all the way to the end.
Fred and Judy Jepson

Cara and Camiy said...

Samantha you are and inspiration to us all! Especially Care and I, the new bloggers of the internet.
Thank you.