This book is terrible! If you want to be depressed, please, by all means- read it. Geez. My AP US History teacher should really plan which books she assigns over CHRISTMAS BREAK. Holy cow woman.



Ashley said...

I thought this book was INCREDIBLE. It was such an eye opener. You're right, though. Very depressing, but in the end he had hope again! ha. Yeah, well, just thought I would share.
What killed me was completing this assignment AND chapter 19 and 20! ahh. haha. have a good night!!

P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog :D

Sam said...

You know, I do agree. I was just glad that he pulled through. I really was getting depressed reading it though. Gah. I didn't even do Chapter 19 and 20. Because I'm a slacker. Thank you! Mine is just random haha. Your blog is great, it makes me think. For once. :P

FRED and JUDY said...

re message on my blog:
Nice to be little again huh?
Who are you kissing now?

Kaycee.Lee said...

I have a TWILIGHT ZONE weird thing to tell you.
... I just read this book.
For US history.
And I hated it.
Maybe we are really twins?
...Just not with a german mother. =]