February Challenge

**UPDATE: The first song playing on my blog (Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard) is the one that best reminds me of this person, we have good memories singing it! :) It will be gone soon though, in case you don't like that music. Thanks :)

Letter to a best friend.
I said "a" best friend for a reason. The person who this letter goes to is very special to me, as you will see. I doubt they will ever see this but here goes.

Dear best friend;
You are my best friend. And I don't mean that as like, "OMG you're my BFF!!!", but of all my friends, you are the best. You are such an example to me. You are hilarious, cute, and you stand up for what you know is right. That, in and of itself, is such an amazing thing. In high school these days, you don't see a lot of people doing that. They tend to go with the flow and "get used to" everything around them. You don't.
You never curse, or upset anyone, and to be honest- I'm so jealous of you. I wish I was as punctual as you. You have amazing grades, you have all the right friends, you are so extremely talented, and I really just love you. I hope you invite me to your wedding, so I can meet the girl you marry. I hope that she is good enough for you, because you deserve the best.
So thank you for being there for me. I know a lot of times I do stupid stuff, and I'm not always the best example. I probably make "being good" quite frustrating for you, but thank you for being strong anyways. You have made me a better person just by knowing you, and I love you for that.
Stay cool.


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