Synthesis: II

BYU's jazz band "Synthesis" came again! I didn't post about them last year because this blog was created only 2 weeks later. But it was such a fantastic night! As always, I learned so much from the very talented (and attractive) Aaron McMurray. (Okay okay, he's at least 6 years older than me, but seriously, how can you NOT be attracted to a college student bass player? At BYU for crying out loud!) 

ANYways... It was great. And by selling all of our tickets, we are rewarded with the opportunity to go to NEW ORLEANS the Spring of 2012! AHHH! I'm so excited. I've always wanted to go there. But I also need to get a job :/ If anyone is interested in hiring an inexperienced-almost-16-years-old girl, I'm right here! ;) 

If you want to hear us playing the song "Vehicle" you can follow this link. 


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