The cup looks half-full

Ha. I didn't think this would actually happen. But, I'm sad the school year is over. My freshman year has been one that needs to be recorded. I am very surprised by how it went: How it started, grew, and then ended. Most of what happened should not be recorded on the wonderful World-Wide Web, so if you want to know what happened then go ahead and ask, but I'll hit some major points.

Last year when I was in middle school, my bestie and I would dream of our Freshman year. Parties every weekend, boys, football games, pranks, and any other stereotypical shenanigans that we could get into while in high school.
Boy was I wrong.

I ended up taking classes I never would have in my wildest dreams thought of being a part of. 
I ended up becoming friends with people much more amazing and cooler than what I expected of me to find. 
I ended up losing friends that I never wanted to be away from.
I ended up finding myself.
and most important of all, I ended up BEING myself- which is something I thought I would lose.

So thanks to my enemies, all the jerks and moronic retards that thought they could keep me from myself- you helped me realize who I really am, and I'm better than you. If you ever feel like bringing something to the table in this society, I hope that you can see what went wrong and fix it.

Bitter sweet feelings right now, but I'm ready to move on. I'm not done "finding" myself, that will take a life-time (and then some). But I hope to continue with this, this self-discovery thing. It's fun, and I'm learning a lot.

Peace out, girl scout.

"We are FRESH, we are FINE, we da FRESHMAN of 'o9! YEE-AH!"

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