Snowboarding in Summer Break

Ha, I wish, but seriously. This is ridiculous. Yesterday there was a blizzard. A BLIZZARD PEOPLE! Although I will not tell a lie, I do like the snow. I just don't like it 3 days before my Summer Break. It snowed more yesterday, than it did 3 days before WINTER break, or all through out winter that it is! BAH! oh well.

Maybe I'm just freaking out because over the weekend I was in Mesquite, and it was 80 freaking degrees. That's right. Be jealous. But don't be jealous of the sunburn on my legs and my chest! Ouuuuuuch. *Licks finger* *touches calf muscle* *SIZZLE*

By the way, for anyone that gives a crap, the pina colada tic-tacs are freakin amazing! But my band director thinks they taste like soap :( haha



islandgirl said...

hahaha, did you know that snowbird is staying open until JUNE TWENTIETH??? JUNE????
I mean really.
Love Nela.

Sam said...

Yeah Paul wont shut up about it! haha! All 4 of us should go, you, me, Nad, and Paulito (:

islandgirl said...

agreed. :) love your freshman post.

Sam said...

Thanks babe. I'm old. But not old enough. *sigh* I never am.

Sam said...

Oh, and today is June 20th. Sad day.