1:38 AM

Here I am, unable to sleep.
Westlake Marching Thunder got 1st place :) I'm so glad we didn't tie for first again. I did horribly during the third movement though, and there were so many technical difficulties that it's ridiculous, but I'm proud of my band. We've been working really hard.

I got on the bus and started singing "We Are the Champions" as loud as I could. I'm still grinning :D but yes, awesome times my friends.

Have a great Saturday Sunday!

BRYCE!!! You read my blog? That just makes me so happy! OK- how many of you weenies out there secretly read my blog but are too embarrassed to admit it? ;)


FRED and JUDY said...

I'm not embarrassed. I love reading your blog. You are such a hoot I first wondered if you were an owl.!
Get it, HOOT --- Owl. Oh never mind.

Sam said...

Haha! Good one ;) I know, I'm hilarious. And humble.