Shakespeare? :(

The thing with high school is that, you start discovering "who you are". About sometime during 9th grade, I realized that I'm destined to be a band geek. Since elementary school, I strived so hard to be a drama freak. I love theater, I love to act. But unfortunately, the reality of things is that I can't be both. So while I'm still taking musical theater, I had to drop Drama 4 for marching band. 

In 8th and 9th grade, I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to go to Cedar City, Utah and participate in the Utah Shakespearean Festival Competition. I absolutely loved it. And I got to enjoy it with my twin, Kaycee ;)
Here is me, Kelsie, Kaycee, and Riley enjoying Macbeth on a very cold night!
And just some Shakespeare humor :)
*sigh* I'll miss this.
BUT... being a band geek...
is pretty much the coolest thing since squirtable cheese.



Kaycee.Lee said...

Shakespeare was THE BOMB. =]
You were the best part,,, twin. =]

Sam said...

I agree completely, twin :)
Oh, and I LOVE Kaycee smilies!
=] =]