I dig it.

So, I got implants today. (IN MY MOUTH. I can't even tell you how many shocked reaction I've received. Sheesh.) The dentist drilled a hole in my head and shoved a screw in it. It took like an hour. Which wasn't bad, but his arm was in the way the whole time, so I couldn't watch The Office: Season 3. :( But that's okay.

Because of my "condition" (I was really fine), I got to stay home in bed all day. I've had lots of visitors!
Cotton came over during his lunch break to say hi and check up on me, which was very nice of him :) Then at about 3, I got to hang out with Morgan. We talked for a while and it was really good to catch up. Then at about 5, Darrick, Vanessa, and Cara came. What a blast! We ate cookies, and colored. We legitimately got out some markers and coloring books.

Heck. Yes.
Oh, and I've just been eating ice cream and canned raviolis all day. And having an Indiana Jones Marathon in my bed room. And playing my bass. And just being my awesome self.

In conclusion, I could really get used to this. :)


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Cara and Camiy said...

What a magnanimous day