The right choice.

After days, and weeks, and months, and YEARS- just kidding, just months- I decided to discontinue marching band next season.

Marching band is one of the best choices I have ever made. I met so many amazing people and friends that I am now blessed to have in my life. I've become a much better musician from being in the band. I have learned a whole new appreciation for commitment, and a new meaning of devotion. So, I thank any and every person who was included in making my experience one to never forget. (In a good way.)
BUT, I have also come to realize that this exact time of my life is so crucial to my future. Every step I take, every word I say, every quesadilla I make- can make or break my life.

I WILL be continuing music. That's why I'm not doing marching band. I need time to work on my bass, study other instruments, get a job, and focus on school. I feel like after a long time of having this internal struggle, that I've finally made the right choice. And I'm sticking to it.
I would REALLY love to do it again though. Probably my senior year, when we go to Dallas and play in the Cotton Bowl. Yeah, that sounds cool.

Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for listening :)



Anonymous said...

Hm :) Lovely. Truly. I am glad you are doing what feels best, and what will help your future. It reminds me of Kenya--I want it more than anything, but something just told me to wait.


Jessica Oliver said...

I really hope this means I will see you a little more now! :)
But, at the same time even I am sad at this post... cause now I cant call you as much of a band geek... haha jk but yeah...
anyways I LOVE YOU!

Sam said...

Oh don't worry, you can still call me a band geek all you want ;) ha.