Sam & Rachel

So, I know it doesn't sound as cool as 'Julie & Julia' but I was inspired! Me and my family watched the movie a couple weeks ago, and I was impressed! I really want to cook now! I mean, I love to cook. It's a pain in the butt to figure out if you have the ingredients or not, and then have to run to the store if you don't have the exact thing, but other than that I love cooking. And as I have noted before, eating is my favorite thing to do, so they go together hand in hand.

Since I don't have 'The Art of French Cooking', I'm going for Rachel Ray. My mom bought the '30-minute meals' cookbook forever ago, and I always love what's in there. For the Young Women Personal Progress program, I need to complete my Divine Nature project. I originally planned to get a bunch of recipes I love and make a recipe book for my hope chest, but then my YW leaders stole that one right out of my hands and I wanted to feel original, so I'm going to cook my way through a cook book(:

I think I will start on Monday. New week, new goals. Y'know? The first recipe is Sirloin Burgers with Mushrooms, Swiss, and Balsamic Mayo :P I'll give the recipe on Monday, and see how it goes. I'm so excited! Technically, I only need to do 20 recipes since the project only requires 10 hours minimum, but we will get to 20 and see!

Yay for food! <3

Day 8 (?) of the 'diet': I lost 4 pounds! And I haven't even been exercising! (I know, I know, but I'm going tomorrow, okay??) But I have to confess that on Sunday I had a piece of crumb cake, and on Wednesday I had an ice cream cone :( I'm sorry! But I did so good! That whole cake was in our house for FOREVER, and the brownies and ice cream too! But on Wednesday it was Young Womens, so cut some slack yo.



Anonymous said...

That movie was REALLY good, and definitely inspirational. It sounds like you're doing great :) Feel free to invite me over for some of those recipes, yo!


Sam said...

dude, I totally will! how do portobello mushroom burgers sound to my vegetarian friend? (they are TO DIE for)

Anonymous said...

Oh...so good. I'll eat the mushrooms :) :)